Members of the LLC must contribute the charter capital in full and in time the type of asset contributed as capital as undertaken, no exceed 90 days from the date of issuance of Investment Certificate (“IC”). Upon expiry of the final term of capital contribution as under taken, where a member of LLC fails to contribute as undertaken, such member is automatically not a member of LLC and shall not be entitle to the right to transfer the right of such capital contribution. Certificate of Full Capital Contribution will be issued to each member of LLC upon each full capital contribution time.

Founding shareholders of JSC must together register to subscribe at least 20% of total number of ordinary shares which may be offered for sale and must pay in full for the shares registered to subscribe within 90 days from the date of issuance of the IC. Where the number of shares registered to be subscribe by founding shareholders has not yet been contributed in full, such founding shareholders shall have the rights which are equal to number of the shares shall not be entitled to transfer the right to subscribe such shares. In case founding shareholders fails to contribute shares as registered such founding shareholders shall cease automatically to be a shareholder of the company and have no rights to transfer the share purchase rights to others.

The number of shares without payment shall be dealt with in one of the following manners

  • All other founding shareholders may contribute in full such number of shares in proportion to the radio of shares they own in the company, or
  • One or more founding shareholders may agree to contribute in full such number of shares, or
  • The company performs the call on shares from other people who are not a shareholder.