Foreigners must be allowed to enter and stay in Vietnam for 03 more consecutive months. Theirs leased house must be granted house ownership right certificate, be separate houses or enclosed apartments; be ensured quality and safety for lessees be ensured electricity and water supply, environmental sanitation and other essential conditions; and be free from disputes over ownership rights or use rights under the law. Besides, foreigners should be noted that house leasing contract between them and lessors must be certified by public notaries or authenticated by district-level People’s Committees for urban house, authenticated by commune-level People’s Committees for rural house, excluding individuals lease their house for less than 06 months; or the house lessors are organizations having the function to deal in houses. (from 01/07/2015 it is not compulsory that house leasing contract have to be notarized or certified. The notarized or not is up to the contracting parties involving in the contract)