Foreign investors may take a remittance abroad during their investment activities in Vietnam in the following cases:

  • Disbursement of foreign currency remitted into a foreign currency saving accounts of a resident being an enterprise with foreign owned capital or a foreign party to a business co-operation contract;
  • Disbursement to outside Vietnam of capital, interest and fees on a foreign medium or long – term loan;
  • Disbursement to outside Vietnam of capital, profit and other legal revenue of a foreign investor; and
  • Other disbursement transactions relating to direct foreign investment activities.

Foreign investors may make a remittance abroad through a licensed credit institution and in compliance with the 04 main methods of payment of international commercial transactions through Vietnam bank system:

  • Payment through a Letter of Credit (L/C);
  • Telegraphic transfer;
  • Frontier payment; and
  • Authorized collection payments.